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Lang's Robo Shelf is manufacturing mangement system that automates the loading and unloading of components.

The automation solution Robo-Shelf is based on a shelving system, which offers high flexibility in assembly possibilities and workpiece sizes. The affiliated articulated robot can handle weights up to 60 kilograms and can feed the machining centre with clamping devices on pallets as well as vices directly. Additionally: depending on the machine interface, a machine program can be assigned to each pallet location.

At a glance:

  • Shelving system with up to 108 pallet slots
  • Shelves adjustable in height for different part sizes and maximum utilisation of storage capacity
  • Vice and pallet handling system: Use Makro•Grip® Robo 125 directly or (self-made) pallets with a max. size of 400x300mm
  • Depending on interface every pallet slot can be assigned to machine programme
  • The setup station with turntable allows a simple and uncomplicated assembly of the shelving system
  • Side and front loading of machine tool possible
  • Max. footprint: 3,60 x 3,20 m